Great Tips about perfumes

Choose the Best Fragrance to Suit Your Personality

When shopping for a new perfume, choose a scent that will meld with your personality. The ideal way to find the best perfume that will compliment your individuality is to make sure that you love how it smells and that it will love you back as well. Before purchasing a perfume, test it first and see how its fragrance will bloom on your skin from start to finish. Ask yourself or some people you are close with to assess how the perfume reacts to your body chemistry. If the perfume smells good on you and showcases wonderful sillage and longevity, it matches your body chemistry. On the other hand, it the perfume smells overpowering or bad on you and disappears in over an hour, it means it’s not reacting well with your body’s chemical makeup.

There is a Perfume For Every Season


Wearing creamy and sweet fragrances during spring and summer can smell too thick and heavy while wearing airy and herbaceous scents during fall and winter won’t exactly cut it in front of a fireplace. There is a reason why many fragrance companies design perfumes and colognes every season. Scents that are being launched for Spring and Summer usually have light, crisp and clean compositions because they are meant to withstand the hot weather and freshen up the wearer. On the other hand, scents that are being introduced for Fall and Winter are usually characterized with rich, earthy and resinous compositions to bring forth an air of comfort and coziness during the colder months.


How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer: Matching Shower Gels & Lotions Have you ever wondered why most Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraiche and the other forms of our favorite scents always come with ancillary products? Contrary to some ridiculous belief, perfume companies are not trying to swindle us by offering matching shower gels and lotions of our favorite fragrances. These accompanying body products act as layering agents to make the scent cling longer on the skin. Using the matching shower gel and lotion prior to the actual perfume application will already leave an adhering scent to your skin. This routine will significantly enhance the longevity of your fragrance for up to two hours compared to wearing it alone. 


How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer: Keep Your Skin Moisturized It can be very frustrating when the scent of your perfume disappears quicker than the wink of an eye. This usually happens to people with dry skin type. If you have dry skin, perfumes will have the tendency to evaporate from it faster than the usual. You may want to purchase body care products like lotions, crèmes or oils that go along with your favorite perfume to reinforce its scent. If you can’t get your hands on these accompanying fragrance peripherals, you may use fragrance-free moisturizers. The key is to moisturize the skin to hold the fragrance on your skin longer


How To Apply Perfume: Pulse Points In general, fragrance application is a matter of preference. However, there is a traditional application technique we live by that will help maximize the wear of your chosen perfume. We recommend that you apply your perfume to the pulse points of your body. The common pulse points are the wrists, back of the ears, inside the elbows, behind the knees and base of the throat. These are the areas of the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin which means they are warmer than the other parts of the body. The heat from these areas activates and amplifies the scent of the perfume improving its sillage and projection. 


How To Know If A Perfume Suits Your Skin

An overpowering perfume can smell too cloying and heady to the wearer and the people he or she will encounter throughout the day, however, the smell of a perfume that is not suitable to a person’s unique chemical makeup is even more unpleasant. In order for a perfume to show off its beautiful composition, the notes have to develop well with the pH balance of the body. Every person has a unique body chemistry that is determined by hormone levels, skin type and the acidity of the sweat that the skin produces. One of the best ways to determine if a perfume flatters your body chemistry is if the scent smells more and better as it warms up on your skin.


Perfume Tip: Avoid Spraying Perfume In Your Hair

Many perfume users believe that spraying their perfume into their hair will make its scent last longer. We are very against this habit for it can cause hair damage and severe dryness. The majority of fragrances in the market are alcohol based which means it can suck out all the moisture and natural oils from the hair shaft. While its true that the hair is a wonderful scent carrier because it bears no temperature and doesn’t have the capability to warm up and oxidize fragrance off the skin. Instead of spraying perfume on your hair, check if the manufacturer of your perfume is offering an accompanying hair mist to your favorite fragrance.


Perfume Layers: What Do Top Notes Mean?


The strong and penetrating scents that are realized during the perfume’s initial spritz are called the top notes. Also known as the “opening notes,” the top notes are what you can immediately smell or the scents that are evident once the perfume juice touches the skin. Top notes, compared to the other notes found in a standard perfume composition, are light, diluted, fresh and elevating. Their primary function is to provide the perfume with a general impression or preview of what to expect from the perfume as it develops. The scent of top notes linger for about 5 minutes to 30 minutes until it melds with the middle notes appearing in a little over an hour.


Perfume Layers: What Do Middle Notes Mean?


Also referred to as “heart notes,” the middle notes are the scent of the perfume that arises and develops prior to the evaporation process of the strong top notes or opening notes. The purpose of the middle notes is to weaken or thin down the sometimes unpleasant and pungent impression of the base notes and turn them into something very pleasant in time. They are also the notes that characterizes the fragrance family of the perfume. The scents from this layer are generally soft, velvety and smooth with fruity, floral or vanillic hues and tones. Moreover, they appear 15 to 30 minutes after perfume application.


Perfume Layers: What Do Base Notes Mean?

A great smelling perfume becomes absolutely phenomenal if it has remarkable longevity and this is where the base notes come in. They are known as the foundation of the perfume that brings richness, depth, solidity and most all, staying power of the perfume. These are the scents that bind the top notes and middle notes together to the skin so that they won’t dissipate too quickly. While the compounds in this layer embrace the opening and the heart of the perfume composition, it also enhances the sillage or projection of the fragrance. The base notes are perceived during the dry down period which is about an hour prior to the application of the perfume.


How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer: Spraying Perfume on Clothes

Wearing perfumes, just like cosmetics and jewelry, can truly bring out your fashion style and individuality. Moreover, a complimenting fragrance that is suitable to your body chemistry will give a lasting positive impression. It is important that your perfume will linger for an extended period of time. While the base notes play an important role in holding and retaining the fragrance into your skin, we recommend a creative way of making your fragrance last longer. Spraying perfume on clothing will definitely make the fragrance stay with you but before you do this, conduct a test by spraying it on the hidden part or inner lining of your garment first. This will help you determine if the perfume can potentially stain your dress or shirt.


How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer on Dry Skin

The same perfume can linger forever on one person but it can also disappear faster than the speeding light on another. Fragrance longevity generally depends on the solidity, richness and depth of the perfume base notes. Sometimes, the skin type of the wearer impacts the staying power of a perfume no matter how well made its base notes are. Those with dry skin usually cannot preserve scents for long periods of time because it lacks the necessary amount of skin oil to meld with the perfume in order to delay the departure of the fragrance. Use a rich, unscented moisturizer prior to applying perfume so that its components will have something to adhere to.


Storing Perfumes: Avoid Direct Sunlight

Perfumes are a luxury to have. Depending on the quality of the perfume, they can be a truly expensive purchase. Nobody wants their perfumes to lose potency and aroma so it’s important that you have knowledge on how to store perfumes properly. Many perfume uses store their favorite fragrances on vanity, desk or areas where they can be exposed to heat and even direct sunlight. Sun exposure has harmful UV rays that can alter the composition of a perfume and lose its beautiful scent in the process. It’s best to store perfumes inside the drawer or in a cool dry place to prevent the sun from coming into contact with them.


The Best Way To Store Perfume

The rule of the thumb is to store perfume in a cool, dry place to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy it until the end of its shelf life. Some people store their perfumes inside bathrooms so that they can easily reach out to it and spray them on right after shower. This is not advisable because the temperature inside most bathrooms fluctuate from using hot and cold showers which changes the composition of perfume in the process. Some also place perfumes inside the refrigerator but doing this may put your edibles at risk of absorbing their scents. Place perfumes inside cabinets, drawers or places where there is constant temperature so that chemical changes in the perfume liquid won’t occur.



Choosing the Right Perfume to the Office

When choosing what perfume to wear at work, it is best to make the selection thoughtfully. Truth be told, there are offices that have policies regarding wearing perfume among its employees so it is ideal to know if such policy exist in your workplace to prevent any issue from arising. There are offices that ban fragrances completely due to limited working space and number of employees with allergies or sensitivities to specific perfumes. If perfumes are allowed in your office, choose a light scent that stays close to the skin in an effort not to inconvenience any of your colleagues and co-workers. Save your rich and dramatic scents to special events and night outs.


The Best Fragrance To Wear

Perfumes vary in texture and composition. Some perfumes are diluted while some are heavy. Diluted and airy fragrances are ideal for day time use and for the warmer months because they usually have light and refreshing finishes. On the other hand, creamy and thicker fragrances are ideal for evening wear and for the colder months because the way they can envelop the wearer with a cozy and warm embrace. But of course, this is not a strict rule. You can wear any perfume that suits your mood, taste and preferences any given day and season. What matters is you will always feel good and happy with your perfume choices.


Does Perfume Have an Expiration Date?

Unopened perfumes and colognes have a shelf life for up to 5 years from the date they were produced. When a fragrance is opened, it can last for up to one year or longer if properly stored in dry and cool place. Fragrances that are housed in resinous, opaque and dark flacons lasts longer than those with transparent bottles because it is protected from the damaging rays of sunlight. In addition, fragrances that are infused with essential oils have been found to have extended shelf life. You will know if your perfume is already expired when the color of the perfume liquid becomes dark. Another indication of expired perfume is when its scent changes into something that smells like a sharp alcohol aroma.


The Best Perfume for that Special Someone

Finding the best perfume to give to someone special is not as difficult as it sounds. In order to give a person the ideal perfume that he or she will like, find out what kind of perfume he or she likes. It’s not about what you like, brand or price. This person may like floral, chypre, fougere, fruity, gourmand, aquatic, vanillic or musky fragrances – the list goes on and on. Reach out to this person’s friend, family, colleagues or anybody close to him or her to find out what kind of perfume she prefers the most. Observe what kind of perfume this person wears during your interaction to have a better ideas about the perfume he or she wears.