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Acqua Di Gio

By Giorgio Armani

Eau De Toilette 6.7 Oz For Men

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3.71 out of 5
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Acqua Di Gio 6.7 Oz Eau De Toilette (Cologne For Men) : Acqua Di Gio is one of the most hypnotizing fragrances for men, created by impeccable perfumer Alberto Morillas that was launched in 1996. This Eau De Toilette Spray is considered a hall of famer for putting a lot of women on their knees every time they get a hint of its fragrance. Who wouldn't be swept away by its aquatic and Mediterranean vibes, the scent of jasmine petal oozing, mandarin orange, bergamot, neroli, lime, lemon, rosemary, green tangerine, spice, patchouli, musk, cedar, and wood. All these notes into one bottle. Men wearing this will truly smell attractively gorgeous. It is fresh, aromatic, very sensual to the senses and romantically inviting! For most women, this fragrance is just too hard to resist in men, and simply blows them away.

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Eau De Toilette

7 reviews for Acqua Di Gio 6.7 Oz (Eau De Toilette) For Men

  1. 3 out of 5


    Most of my friends told me that I’m missing a lot for not using Acqua Di Gio EDT Spray of Giorgio Armani. So out of curiosity, I purchased this bottle and see what the fuzz is all about. I must say, Acqua Di Gio is indeed one of the best smelling fragrances for men. The first 4 hours after spray will surely make women turn their heads, it has this heavenly scent that will really tickle women’s senses! I’ll never go out without a single spray of this, it’s like a love potion!

  2. 4 out of 5


    I’ve been married for more than 10 years now. I want to bring back the excitement my wife and I used to have in our personal quiet time. I heard Acqua Di Gio does magic so I purchased this bottle for personal use. It’s funny but my wife thinks I smell younger and more attractive than before! So I guess you know what comes next! Thank you for this fragrance, it brings back the excitement we used to have in the past! The scent really teases women!

  3. 3 out of 5


    The packaging is simple, you’ll know it’s genuine for the bottle is printed with the products name rather than having a sticker on it. The fragrance is 100% attractive and sensual, the longevity is good, it lasts longer although you may need to re-apply after 4-6 hours if you want to continue smelling sexy. I like it a lot, and I think I found my fragrance for life.

  4. 3 out of 5


    My boss is wearing this fragrance, and it really turns women around him crazy! So I purchased this bottle for my boyfriend and my goodness, it does work like a potion! I’m 100% satisfied so make sure to grab yours now before it runs out.

  5. 4 out of 5


    I grew up in a family of 4 sisters and all of them are hard to please. However, when it comes to Acqua Di Gio EDT Spray, my sisters are just melting into excitement! Seriously, they told me it has this magical effect on women and I guess it really works considering that all my sisters are hard to please. So if you need a fragrance that will keep you smelling good, and confident then this is the bottle you need to have. Grab one now and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  6. 4 out of 5


    I like the bottle, simple and sleek. The fragrance is strong, very masculine and cool too. I used this often and I’m always impressed by how good it smells. Worth buying and this is why I highly recommend it to those who wants to purchase a great scent.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Very manly, that’s what my wife keeps on telling me every time she sniff on this fragrance. It’s like magic, he really likes sniffing it especially if I spray it on my skin! One time she kept of hugging me, seriously you need to purchase this and see the hilarious effects on women, especially your wife!

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