Posted on February 19, 2020

1940’s perfume bottles

World War II caused a decrease in new perfume creations, as well as a decline in the quality of perfume presentations. After the war, the perfume industry was re-established, and many new perfumers emerged. Christian Dior and Nina Ricci both released works of art. “Miss Dior” by Christian Dior was presented in an elegant clear crystal Baccarat bottle. Dior used a classic look that was elegant and luxurious. Nina Ricci was known for feminine and romantic creations. L’Air du Temps was released in 1948 and sold in a sunburst shaped bottle. The stopper was decorated with a dove. The lid of the box was lined with white silk and depicted a woman and a flying dove. The 1951 box was in the shape of a birdcage covered in yellow silk. A battery was supplied to illuminate the birdcage.

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