Posted on January 14, 2020

Acqua Di Gio For Men By Giorgio Armani

acqua-di-gio-for-menGiorgio Armani is one of the highly sought after fashion designers when it comes to men’s clothing. However, it was just a matter of time before he went out of his comfort zone and started exploring the perfume industry, and behold in the early 80’s he launched his very first perfume named Giorgio. Since then Giorgio Armani was unstoppable and by 1992, he launched a uniquely blended fragrance which oozes with 2 distinct fragrances, the fruity and floral aromas in one bottle named Gio. The success of Gio was quite impressive that Giorgio Armani launched a sequel fragrance. He took another bold step and introduced to the world the most talk of the town fragrance for men, Acqua Di Gio.

The design house of Armani therefore introduced this fragrance in 1996 to perfume aficionados, and even to those that were merely curious about the product. Acqua Di Gio became another hit not only for men but even for women, and it’s all because of the ocean breeze fragrance it comes with, its clean vibe and outdoor aroma that melted a lot of womens’ heart. Acqua Di Gio for Men is a classic perfume, timeless and sensual and that’s because of the impressive notes consisting the product.

How Will You Describe Acqua Di Gio For Men?

Acqua Di Gio is your perfume of choice if you need something that exudes masculinity. This fragrance was said to be inspired by a vacation trip on the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean Sea of Sicily, specifically the Italian island and ancient Cossyra, Pantelleria. This perfume is the epitome symbol of a manly aroma. For some, this fragrance has a light and very distinct touch that can be considered as one’s casual choice of Eau De Toilette. Because this fragrance became quite popular, it is considered as Giorgio Armani’s most prominent fragrance for men. Described by many as light and airy, there’s more to expect from Acqua Di Gio.

The top notes of Acqua Di Gio were highlighted by the citrus scent of Bergamot, which also oozes with a little bit of spice mixed with a hint of sweetness. It has fruity and citrusy notes of Orange, Lemon, Lime, a touch of Neroli which is responsible for the distinct fragrance of honeyed floral, and Mandarin Orange. After a couple of minutes, you will be greeted by the hearty notes of the soulful and very exotic odor of Jasmine, the sweet yet intoxicating fragrance of Patchouli, the pleasant aroma of a rose, and the minty yet very delightful aroma of Rosemary. The base notes of Acqua Di Gio comes in 2 prominent scents, cedar which provides a woody fragrance and the velvety, light and comfy aroma of white musk.

All notes were crafted intricately to achieve a modern and manly fragrance for men. If you ask perfume enthusiasts about the scent of Acqua Di Gio, they will inform you that it has a rejuvenating feeling and that’s because of the marine and aquatic fragrances that should never be ignored. Because of its marine and aquatic fragrances, this bottle has a slight effect on your spirit. It has an energetic scent that will fuel ones system like no other fragrances can. Have you ever wondered why Acqua Di Gio has the power to attract women’s attention? It’s because of the aromatic herbs included in its formulation that made the aquatic scent a bit more prominent, and because nature is something that is difficult to resist, women therefore are brought on their knees every time they sniff the scent of Acqua Di Gio.

The Creator or perfumer responsible for the development of Acqua Di Gio is no other than Alberto Morillas. He was born in Spain and became a popular master perfumer because of his vast work such as the creation of Bulgari Omnia, Cartier La Baiser Du Dragon, Calvin Klein and many other perfume products that will give you a hint that Alberto Morillas is the master of his craft.


The Effects of Acqua Di Gio in Women

Acqua Di Gio has powerful blend of aromas and as a result, it has this magnetic effect on women. The minute you wear this fragrance, you will easily receive compliments like never before. Acqua Di Gio has this masculine and very mighty effect on most women, thanks to the cooling fragrance it has and the sophistication it exudes. The longevity of the fragrance is perfect. A single or at least a couple of spray will turn most women on because of its manly appeal. The fragrance could last for several hours, making it even perfect if worn on a date. Women will surely turn their heads, check you and even sniff you! Yes, Acqua Di Gio is also sensational and at the same time flexible. It comes with “the boy next door” type of fragrance, however it also has this sensual and sexy aura to it. Others described this fragrance as a toned down Fahrenheit perfect for summer. You can wear this fragrance all day, make sure to spray it on your pulse points and it will surely last quite long. Acqua Di Gio therefore can transform a man’s day into an extraordinary one.

The silage of this perfume is impressive. Expect to receive awkward sniffs, beautiful smiles and sexy winks from women and this is all because of the awesome silage character of this perfume. Acqua Di Gio will really tease a woman’s senses and with a great silage, you know women will turn their heads and if you get lucky, some might ask for your name and number. This fragrance received a lot of awesome reviews and comments from long time users and even new ones, so make sure to grab this bottle of perfume before it runs out.

Acqua Di Gio Advertising on TV

An Award Winning Scent

Acqua Di Gio is one of the few fragrances that received multiple awards for being creative. In fact, Allure has given it the Best of Beauty Award Winner. It also garnered the Fragrance of the Year by Nouveau Niche in 1998. It received the Fragrance Hall of Fame title in year 2012 along with 24 Faubourg by Hermes. It won the Fragrance of the Year men’s category in Europe in 1997. Acqua Di Gio was considered to have the Best National Advertising Campaign for a Men’s Fragrance in 1998. As you can imagine, this is one high quality fragrance that does not only drive women crazy but also exudes optimum quality that is not usually found in other perfumes.


Acqua Di Gio is Perfect for Who?

Acqua Di Gio does not have any specific target market. The fragrance is prominently aquatic but with a soft touch to it. It also oozes with citrus scent which is perfect for both young and old men. Acqua Di Gio is a great perfume choice, you just have to use it moderately to enjoy its scent without smelling too offensive. Acqua Di Gio is therefore perfect for those who want aquatic scent but have not yet tried it. If you are also into outdoor activities and prefer to smell great despite your tough day, Acqua Di Gio will certainly work for you. Since it has a touch of ocean breeze, this is highly recommended for users who are fond of going to the beach or frolic under the heat of the sun yet remain smelling attractive.

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