Posted on January 14, 2020

Acqua Di Gioia for Women Review

70025WAn innovative fashion designer with a humble beginning is Giorgio Armani. After establishing his name in the world of fashion, he ventured in the perfumery business and eventually launched successful fragrances for men and women. One of Armani’s memorable scents for women is the Acqua Di Gioia. This fragrance was launched in 2010 of June, and was inspired by nature. In fact, its composition is said to be derived from the theme of “return to nature”. The face of this fragrance was Emily DiDonato where she lives in a secluded island filled with exotic flowers, and surrounded by the jungle, ocean and poured with rain! This is to show women and potential customers that Acqua Di Gioia is a scent inspired by nature!

The nose and creativity behind this fragrance are Anne Flipo, who has been part of the International Flavors & Fragrances for a long time now, and is responsible for some of the best perfume creations in the industry such as Burberry Brit Rhythm, Jimmy Choo Man and more. Next is Loc Dong who is also a member of IFF and have been working with fragrant plants for more than 10 years, along with his grandfather. Lastly is Dominique Ropion, a popular perfumer who is considered to be one of the best technicians in the field of perfumes. All 3 perfumers jived together to create Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gioia, that can inspire a lot of women the minute it is sprayed.

How Will You Describe Acqua Di Gioia’s Fragrance?

Inspired by nature, Acqua Di Gioia’s fragrance is said to relieve stress, and has the capacity to produce a harmonious connection of the body and soul. This fragrance oozes with heavenly breath top notes such as the mint, which produces a touch of zesty, fresh and cool vibes and the Lemon scent which also has a fruity and citrusy aroma. A spray of this perfume will surely lead you to a dreamy state where you’ll feel you are enjoying the breeze of the wind in the middle of an ocean. Drinking your favorite ice cold tea while basking under the heat of the sun yet feeling fresh and wonderful! This is how you’ll perceive the opening or top notes of Acqua Di Gioia.

As the perfume lingers, you will slowly smell the heart notes of Acqua Di Gioia consisting of Peony, which has this fabulous scent, spreading its powdery aroma. Jasmine is another heart note that has this very calming aroma that it seems to relax your senses and nerves. It also oozes with sweetness and one of the best floral scents you could ever inhale! Another hearty note included in Acqua Di Gioia is the pink pepper. This scent is so youthful and offers freshness. It also fires up the passion within you. Imagine having all these 3 heart notes in one bottle, Acqua Di Gioia definitely has the power to seduce men! The base of this perfume is consist of unique aromas such as the labdanum. If you haven’t heard of it, this is one ingredient that is usually used when creating the amber scent. Therefore you could say that Acqua Di Gioia’s base notes has a little similarity to an amber scent.

Labdanum exudes and you get this sweet and leathery scent but with a mixture of animalistic, dry musk and ambergris fragrances. Yellow sugar is also included as one of the impeccable notes of Acqua Di Gioia, it offers sweetness making this bottle a bit hard to resist. Lastly, perfumers of this fragrance included cedar note as one of its base therefore it oozes with a very distinct woody aroma, a little bit of spice which makes this perfume appealing not just to women but as well as men. In terms of its silage, you’ll be impressed to know that you’ll smell awesome the entire day and leave a trace of your scent on every man you passed by. Research shows that this fragrance can last up to 11 hours or more, and it comes with an hour of residual odor.


Seductive and Sexy Perfect for Every Women

Acqua Di Gioia fits all types of women. This fragrance is not limited to specific types of women. In fact, this fragrance is for all women. Regardless of your age and character, Acqua Di Gioia works well in everyone. It also fits the body chemistry of a woman, so when using this you can expect the scent to linger a little bit longer than your usual perfume. Its campaign was very seductive and sexy, which encourages women to feel comfortable with themselves and if they want to look, feel and smell confidently sexy, Acqua Di Gioia is the right scent.

Where to Spray Acqua Di Gioia?

If you’re a perfume aficionado, you will know that spraying your perfume comes with a trick. For Acqua Di Gioia, you need to ensure you are spraying it on the right points to make sure the fragrance will last even longer than usual. Because this is considered as a summery fragrance, you have to be careful where to spray this and avoid hot spots. So spray just an ample amount in the body such as your neck and neckline, the small pulse point on your wrist and even behind the knees. You will have a lasting aroma, even for almost the entire day. If you are not comfortable spraying this on your skin, you can simply spray a couple on your shirt, the scent will still last longer but would be better on your skin. The longer the fragrance stays, the more seductive and appealing it becomes. Remember not to spray too much of it to avoid being intrusive.

What Can You Say About the Bottle?

Packaging is also an important factor when choosing your perfume. Acqua Di Gioia has a very soft bottle shape. It has a stylish shape, and resembles elegance in every curves and sides. Sophisticated women prefers purchasing this perfume because aside from its fragrance, it has a very beautiful packaging. The cap is small, shaped like a wave drop and very durable unlike other perfumes which does not seal properly. Overall, Acqua Di Gioia has a decent packaging and bottle that women will consider purchasing. In addition, Acqua Di Gioia is one of the best sellers of Giorgio Armani. In fact it has won the award as the Bath & Body Line of the Year in 2012. To receive an award is a testimony that this perfume is one of the bests out there.


The Verdict

Although Acqua Di Gioia has lots of perfume sequels, the original fragrance is still unbeatable. Acqua Di Gioia certainly has this sultry effect, it is sophisticated and very feminine. A few spray of this will turn a man’s world upside down. Overall, Acqua Di Gioia is highly recommended to strong, sophisticated, independent and sexy women out there. In fact, this fits everyone out there who wants to feel confident. It has a silky and fresh effects, and a little bit of sweetness. This perfume is available in different varying sizes, it comes in 30ml packaging, 50ml and 100 ml. So don’t hesitate to grab Acqua Di Gioia for your love ones, for a family member, someone close to you and above all, for yourself!

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