Posted on January 15, 2020

Perfume Review for Beyonce Heat Rush

beyonce-heat-rushBeyonce Heat Rush by Beyonce is not like any other perfumes found online. Launched in 2011 by Beyonce’s very own design team, this impressive citrus fragrance perfume certainly offers passion in one bottle. It is in fact a breath of sunshine as it comes with a feminine scent, so fresh and enticing. Spraying this will give you opening notes of fruity aromas such as the Brazilian cherry mixed with the passion fruit known as the sorbet blood orange. Others define its scent as intoxicatingly awesome.

Its scent lasts longer than the typical Eau de Parfum. A couple of sprays would already give you an amazing smell. It certainly lives up to its name of heat rush, because as soon as you use it, you will ooze with delightful scent that is head turning. In terms of its packaging, it comes with an attractive box, perfectly crafted to suit the classiness of the perfume. The shape of the bottle is also catchy, offering users something new. It uses a spray nozzle with a durable transparent cap. Using it will not cause any spillage, thanks to its spray nozzle you can easily spray the exact amount you want. No more wasting and no more staining of clothes due to accidental spill or too much perfume on your clothes.

It comes in two different sizes such as the 3.4 oz and the 1.7 oz. Aside from its base fruity notes, this perfume exudes with other amazing treats like the awesome fragrance of mango blossom, the yellow tiger notes, the orange hibiscus and more that you wouldn’t think possible for such an affordable perfume by a celebrity. There’s also the honey amber scent, and a touch of Rio sunset musk. So who can resist such perfume for a low price?

Just like other high end yet affordable perfume brands, this one does not come with any harmful ingredients. It does not matter whether you have an oily skin or not, this perfume is safe to use and once it touches your skin. What made this product highly in demand? It’s because of its quality. The lovely packaging, the desirable scents, and the safe ingredients are all found in one bottle and that is no other than the Beyonce Heat Rush By Beyonce. This is only intended for women who love to use perfumes on special occasions, and it comes with citrus scent.