Posted on March 6, 2019

Burberry – Iconic British Luxury Brand

burberry-londonIf a classic has ever been defined, the entry should begin with Burberry.

This London-based luxury fashion design house has been manufacturing its distinct plaid designs for over a century, but just began making a splash into fragrances in 1981. Burberry is known for producing top quality, top of the line designs in everything they make.

Perfumes are no exception. Burberry’s current line of fragrances includes seven for women and six for men. The most noted Burberry fragrance is simply called Burberry(available for both men and women).

You will also find Brit by Burberry, Burberry London, Weekend by Burberry, Touch, The Beat, Summer, Brit Red, Brit Sheer, Baby Touch (a unisex fragrance), Sport, and Burberry Summer Ladies.


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