Posted on March 6, 2019

Calvin Klein Best Known as CK

calvin-kleinThrough the sensational success that led the design house that bears his name to fame, Calvin Klein has held true to what identifies him as a designer—youthfulness and confidence:
In the early 1908s, Klein took men’s underwear from function to fashion, designed mannish bikinis for women, and in the 1990s, following the launch of perfumes Obsession and Eternity, Calvin Klein became fragrance royalty by introducing the first unisex scent, CK One—inspired by the growing desire for equality between young men and women in the modern world.

Calvin Klein’s major fragrances since, including MAN, Euphoria plum, peach and orange blossom give this perfume a flirty start.

Middle notes of ylang ylang, jasmine, tuberose and blackcurrant add some heft. Providing a sexy wrap up are the base notes of casmerande, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Givenchy is a design house known for their extensive line of perfumes that are thrilling, alluring and incredibly sexy.

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