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Clinique Makeup & Skin Care

clinqueClinique is a world-renowned manufacturer of cosmetics, skincare and fragrances that is owned by Estee Lauder Group of Companies.
Clinique was the very first dermatologically based skincare brand created by Estee Lauder – the owner of Estee Lauder Corporation. The concept of the Clinique brand originally started in 1967 when American Vogue magazine went to publish an article written by then beauty editor Carol Phillips along with dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich entitled “Can Great Skin Be Created?” The said article talked about the importance of concocting a skin-care routine that will maintain and improve the overall health of the skin. Estee Lauder’s daughter-in-law, Evelyn Lauder, read the Vogue article and reached out to Estee to see what she thinks about it. The idea made Estee Lauder realize that there is a dearth of allergy-tested and fragrance-free beauty products in the skincare industry during that time. The Estee Lauder Corporation contacted the writer and dermatologist responsible for the article inspiration and were recruited to assist in created the brand name, line of products and so forth. In 1968, a year after Evelyn Lauder’s lightbulb moment, the Clinique brand was born.
Evelyn Lauder who was an executive at the Estee Lauder company was the one who came up with the brand name of Clinique. Clinique is a French word for “clinical.” She worked as a training director for Clinique and also developed the brand’s first line of products. Clinique products have undergone rigorous standards of allergy testing to ensure that they will be dermatologically approved. During the development process of the brand, Evelyn happened to wear the “white lab coat” which became a trademark of Clinique sales associates in all parts of the world. The white lab coat represents the clinical image of Clinique and its hygienic approach to skincare. The Clinique line was launched in introduced at Saks Fifth Avenue in August 1968.
During the 1980’s, Clinique expanded their product offerings by introducing cosmetics that cater to women who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin. Some of the popular ingredients used by Clinique in their makeup products are scientifically found to be gentle on the skin like sesame oil, mineral oil, propylene glycol, tea-stearate, glyceryl stearate, lanolin alcohol and petrolatum. All Clinique makeup products are allergy-tested. The company test their products to 600 respondents on repeated occasions and if they find that one respondent develop an allergic reaction, they will not produce it until the formula is perfected for consumer consumption. Just like the brand’s skincare products, Clinique makeup is fragrance-free. They are also non-acne genic and non-comodogenic which means they will not clog the pores and will not trigger blemishes or irritations.
Clinique launched the brand’s latest breakthrough skincare line with “Clinique Medical” in 2008. It is the product of Clinique’s partnership with Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company popular for creating Botox and a former cosmeceutical partner of Elizabeth Arden. This specific skincare line from Clinique are only made available for medical professionals who would prescribe them to patients with pre- and post-operation skincare necessities. Clinique Medical features a 5-product set which addresses operation complications like redness, irritation, tightness, discoloration, burning and many others that are found to “slow the healing process down.” The regimen includes a probiotic cleaner, skin conditioner, recovery complex to treat redness and discoloration, a treatment cream for lines and wrinkles, and a moisturizer with SPF 38.


Clinique ventured in the world of fragrance in 1971. The debut fragrance from the grand was called Aromatics Elixir. This chypre-floral fragrance for women received enthusiastic reviews and acceptance due to its distinctive and dominating aroma. Created by Bernard Chant, it opens with an alluring blend of aromatic verbana, chamomile, and sage. The heart is strictly floral as it features and intoxicating bouquet made of rose, geranium, ylang, tuberose and jasmine. The base has a tinge of masculinity with traditional chypre ingredients emanating the aromatic opening. Aromatics Elixir is a stimulating and assertive fragrance that is still subdued and classy at the same time. It’s a classic scent that is well rounded and balanced – it’s delicious, equally herbaceous and woody but not overtly flowery.
Aromatics Elixir remains to be a popular classic scent for women today but the fragrance that really brought Clinique to the international spotlight is “Happy,” launched in 1997. Happy captured the hearts of women from all around the world that its EDT bottles literally flew off fragrance counters everywhere during the late 20th century. The undeniable prominence of Happy in the world of fragrance continues to soar until today that it already has 18 flankers and a male edition for the last 17 years since its creation.
Happy is a cult-favorite floral-citrus fragrance for women that truly brings a unique feeling of happiness and joy to its wearer and the people who can actually smell it. It was inspired by television ads featuring the Judy Garland song called “Come on Get Happy.” It was created to encapsulate the spirit of a happy and carefree attitude in a bottle. Just a single spritz will bring you to an exuberant journey identified with freshly picked fruits, invigorating fresh air and sun kissed morning dews resting on spring grasses. It opens with a sparkling blend of plum and apple juices made citric by a bergamot bite. The airy accord of the top notes meld perfectly with the fragrance heart filled with freesia, morning orchid, lily and rose petals. Resinous amber provides a musky embrace at the base. Happy is a 1998 Fifed awardee and was created by perfumers Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. It is housed in a simplistic, linear transparent bottle crowned with a silver cap.


The House of Clinique has 25 fragrances under its roof which includes the debut fragrance Aromatics Elixir in 1971 and Clinique Happy In Bloom in 2014. Clinique fragrances were made in association with master perfumers like Olivier Polge, Olivier Cresp, Raymond Matts, Bernard Chant, Laurent Le Guernec, Trudi Loren, Jean-Claude Delville, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Christophe Laudamiel.

World Famous Skin Care and Fragrance

It was in the 60’s when one US magazine Vogue discharged an article around an interview directed by their editor Carol Phillips with Dr Norman Orentreich a prominent New York Dermatologist. The title of the article is “Incredible Skin Can Be Created”. Amid that time individuals’ conviction towards healthy skin is constantly down to fortunate qualities, however this basic article story denoted the start of new time of skin minding punctuated by thoughts, for example, “You are not stayed with the skin you were conceived with” Products can enhance your skin”. The visionary Evelyn Lauder got consideration of the article and imparted it to her mother in-law Estee Lauder and they consented to recruit Dr Orentreich alongside Carol Phillips to enliven their discussion with another line of items. At that point the Clinique line was made and made its introduction in 1968 at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is an American maker and advertiser of top of the line healthy skin, make-up, aroma and hair care items. It was established by couple Estee Lauder and her spouse Joseph Lauder in 1946, creating beauty care products first until they extended their business sector universally with assorted arrangement of marks and has its base camp in Midtown Manhattan New York. At first they conveyed just four items: Cleansing oil, Skin Lotion, Super Rich All Purpose Crème and Crème Pak. In a compass of two years that was in 1948 they built up their first retail establishment account in New York. They become colossally inside of the United States in a matter of 15 years, kept on offering and extend their items line. In 1960, the organization began its first worldwide record in the London retail chain Harrods. The next year it opened an office in Hong Kong.
In 1964 they presented Aramis Inc. aroma and prepping items for men, composed by Arame Yaranyan, they named it Aramis got from Yeremes – a city in Armenia.
Another extension in 1968 was dispatched and that is the opening of Clinique Laboratories Inc. world-popular 3-Step Skin Care System – a day by day purging, peeling and saturating routine , sensitivity tried, and aroma free corrective brand made by Estee Lauder.
Today Clinique’s central goal is to be the most trusted Prestige excellence brand on the planet, with business sector initiative and power in Dermatological Skincare and Foundation. From the earliest starting point we need our customers to remember us as the savvy decision, continually advancing to convey high caliber, compelling, safe, Allergy Tested, Fragrance Free items that are intended for living and improve her common magnificence, consistently.
As a Clinique client you will be dealt with as a person. After logically deciding your skin sort which can be refined either at a retail chain beauty care products counter or via cautious shopper addressing by means of study, you will be given an altered project for treatment of your particular test. The strategy considers various skin sorts, eye hues, facial and lip sorts, and different characteristics.
The name “Clinique” is French for “clinical, Clinique Consultants are known for their predominant information and unparalleled client administration. Their uniform – chic white lab coats that bring out the organizations binds to the medicinal and dermatological groups – shows those measures splendidly. Exceedingly prepared, taught and settled in the Clinique Philosophy, Consultants are more than workers. They are as per Clinique fellow benefactor Carol Phillips, ‘the managers of the fire.’

Fragrance and Sensibility

Clinique likewise advertises beauty care products and scents as a feature of its line. The main Clinique scent, Aromatics Elixir, was presented in 1971. This particular aroma which simply praised its 40th commemoration has been a mark fragrance for different eras of ladies. Despite the persisting fame of Aromatics Elixir, the organization’s top of the line scent is really Happy, presented in 1997.
This fiery citrus-flower fragrance of Happy bobbed into the national awareness through a progression of energetic TV promotions including the Judy Garland tune, “Go ahead Get Happy,” which was said to have enlivened its name. The name, the promoting and the aroma evoked genuine emotion with American ladies of the late twentieth century. Containers took off the racks as the scent’s ubiquity took off, and Happy would inevitably generate a men’s version and a progression of flankers.
Clinique’s chemicals take into account the individuals who feel their skin is subjected to enough manhandle in day by day life, without subjecting it to additional in the procedures of dealing with it. Case in point, Clinique’s, Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, is maybe the world’s most tender eye make up remover.
Clinique additionally produces a Comforting Cream Cleanser, which regardless of its name, is overwhelming gunnery for those brands of cosmetics, which in some cases simply would prefer not to go away. Clinique’s Comforting Cream Cleanser works rapidly, yet tenderly, and uses it’s lavishness to pad dry sensitive skin, while it works its vanishing enchantment on unshakable cosmetics.
In 1999, one of Clinique’s greatest item presentations was Stop Signs, proclaimed as its first hostile to maturing serum. Said to “set aside a few minutes stop”, Stop Signs handles the indications of maturing in three stages.
In October 2000, Estee Lauder’s Clinique division presented Anti-Gravity Firming Lift cream, said to give back the lost “pad” to diminishing skin with its hydrating equation which lifts and firms facial skin. Clinique’s items are as of now sold in more than 80 nations. Consider Clinique an organization established on arrangements; a variety of answers to the immense and shifted skin issues we all face.

Aroma and Statistics
Clinique has included new scent Aromatics in Black to its Aromatics range. It is accessible now at Clinique travel retail stores around the world. Said to be enlivened by ladies who are secretive and tempting, Aromatics in Black elements fresh top notes of plum leaf, pink grapefruit and Italian bergamot, on a heart of osmanthus, neroli and jasmine sambac. Base notes of myrrh, vetiver heart LMR and tonka beans make warmth and sexiness, the brand noted.

Originator Clinique has 31 aromas in the scent base. The most punctual release was made in 1971 and the freshest is from 2015. Clinique scents were made as a team with perfumers Bernard Chant, Laurent Le Guernec, Trudi Loren, Nicolas Beaulieu, Sophia Grojsman, Jean-Claude Delville, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Christophe Laudamiel, Olivier Polge, Olivier Cresp and Raymond Matts

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