Posted on February 9, 2020

Clean Perfumes for Women by Dlish

There’s nothing better than that fresh-from-the-shower feeling. You feel invigorated and refreshed all at once, your hair is freshly washed and fragrant, your skin is moisturized and super soft and you smell……fresh.

Those ideas were the first motivations for Randi Shinder, founder of Dlish Fragrances. Starting with that universal desire to smell as clean and fresh as if you had just emerged from the shower, Shinder developed a line of fragrances fittingly titled CLEAN.

The product was an almost instantaneous success that inescapably made a place for itself in fragrance history. If the idea of spraying on a strong floral, vivacious citrus, a cloyingly saccharine scent, or any other type of perfume just makes you wrinkle your nose, you obviously don’t have a desire for the mass-produced scents that typically crowd the shelves.

The truth is this: you’re not unlike the millions of other people who want something pleasant, fresh and well-suited for all situations. This simply explains the attractiveness of CLEAN fragrances for men and women. Scents as ordinary and universal as fresh laundry and soap usually aren’t taken to be offensive, and they are also easily worn by most people.
The CLEAN line is made up of of perfumes, bath and body products, and home fragrance accessories.

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