Posted on March 6, 2019

Elizabeth Arden Perfumes and Fragrances

Elizabeth-Arden-LogoElizabeth Arden is an American beauty and skincare company established by in 1910. The company was founded by American-Canadian businesswoman Florence Nightingale Graham, who used officially used “Elizabeth Arden” as both her professional name and company name.

The brand became renowned for creating innovative skincare and cosmetics products. Elizabeth Arden worked as a bookkeeper at E.R. Squibb Pharmaceuticals in Manhattan where she learned about the basics skincare. While running the company and initiating its marketing efforts, Arden emphasized the importance of caring for the skin and applying makeup for proper “ladylike” image. She actively participated in the innovation of modern cosmetics which made Elizabeth Arden a world renowned beauty empire.

Today, Elizabeth Arden is still creating skincare and cosmetics product but the company’s focus shifted to fragrances right after the success of their debut fragrance, Blue Grass, which was launched in 1934. The Elizabeth Arden fragrance house has a long list of cult favorite fragrances like Red Door (1989), Green tea (1999), 5th Avenue (1996) and It’s You (1938).

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