What are perfume testers?

You may have seen different perfume packaging and one that is packed in a very simple packaging without the fancy outer packaging is what you call the perfume tester. This product is the same as that of the original one, however the only difference is the outer packing. For the testers, you will know it is one because of its label and it usually comes in a simple white and plain box or carton. It may even come without the fancy cap. This product is highly recommended especially if its only for personal use, this is because testers are way cheaper and affordable as compared to those with the original or retail packaging with fancy designs. The quality is just the same, the only difference is the outer appearance.

Is there any difference when it comes to composition between Eau De parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau Fraiche and Cologne?

Many are quite confused of the terms used for fragrances, some would hear the term Eau De Toilette, while others use the term Eau De Parfum and so on. There’s actually difference between all these terms when it comes to the percentage of the oil contents. The terms are actually used to give distinction and proper identification to each product based on its water content and fragrance oil.

* The Eau De Parfum has about 15-25% oil and alcohol mixture.
* The Eau De Parfum has 8-15% perfume oil.
* The Eau De Toilette has 4-10% perfume oil.
* The Eau De Cologne has 2-5% perfume oil.
* The Soie De Parfum has 15-18% perfume oil.
* The Eau Fraiche has 3% perfume oil.

How can I make my perfume long lasting?

To make sure your perfume lasts longer than usual, you can try the so called layering or fragrance dressing. You need to try and use different aromas as part of your layers and finally using your perfume on top or the final last spray. This ensures your fragrance lasts for hours of use. Note that each layer boosts the effect of the top scent and can last a longer lifespan as much as 4x, depending on how you do the layer.

What is the right way to store your perfume to make sure it last?

Perfume products should never be placed in an area where direct sunlight is possible. It should be chilled to preserve it even more and place it somewhere cool however dry. No exposure to sunlight must be observe to make sure the heat does not affect the scent of the oil.

Is it true that some perfume fragrances are stimulating and has an aphrodisiac effect?

Although there are no strong scientific evidences that proved 100% that fragrances can be aphrodisiac, there are some that easily stimulates the senses and enhances strong attraction. In that manner, you can claim that perfumes might be use to attract others but further studies needs to be done.

What do you mean by fragrance life?

You may have come across the term fragrance life, if so then this simply means the time it takes for an aroma to be developed.

I’m not happy with my purchase, can I return it?

Yes, we are open to almost anything and returning an item because you are not happy with it or it’s not what you expected it to be can be accepted. However you need to process the return accordingly or else we can’t accept it. Make sure the item is sealed, not used, not opened, and not damaged when returning it. You also have to obtain a Return Authorization Number. If you are doubtful on how to proceed with the return, please contact our customer support right away for further assistance. Our support can also be reached via email or chat.

I received a damage item, what’s next?

In case you received a damaged item, we are happy to assist you with a replacement. You need to contact us right away at (302) 330 8200. Any damaged items should be reported within 48hrs from the shipping date. Our support team is available from Monday to Thursday between 8am to 6pm Eastern time.

What are you selling on your website?

Our website is all about enhancing ones beauty and developing or boosting confidence through the use of beauty products and cosmetics. We offer different product categories, ranging from hair care, makeups, skincare, bath and body, perfumes and even gift sets and sunglasses.

How much is the shipping fee?

At perfumes.com we provide affordable shipping fees. There are two options to choose from, the Standard Ground U.S. Shipping or the faster option of 2 Day Express U.S Shipping.

The Standard Ground U.S Shipping has the approximate speed of 2 to 8 working days delivery. This shipping speed is not guaranteed however you can enjoy this option for it comes as free to orders amounting to $59 and above. If your order is below the minimum order amount, you will be charged for only $7.50.

If you need a faster delivery speed, the 2 Day Express U.S Shipping is the best option, delivering your goods within 2 to 3 working days guaranteed. Please note that deliveries are not available on weekends and we don’t deliver to PO boxes too. If your order reached the minimum amount of $149, you can take advantage of our 2 Day Express U.S Shipping for free.

How to make an online order?

There are three easy ways to place an order online at perfumes.com. You can sign up using your Facebook account, you can also use your Amazon account in case you want to log in fast and easy or you can take the last step which is to sign up by using your valid email address and nominated password. You simply have to edit or update your billing information, the correct and current shipping address and other needed important information to complete the shipment.

As soon as you are done with the registration process, you can instantly order by clicking on the item you want to purchase and add to cart, review your order and click on the check out button to place your order.

Do you allow gift cards?

Yes, the use of gift cards is acceptable. You can use as low as $10 and as much as $10,000 amount. You can easily send it to your friends, colleagues, and love ones. All you have to do is enter the correct email of the recipient, include your personal message and the amount you would like to send and we are happy to deliver the gift card. The use of gift card is also very easy. Simply apply the needed gift card amount on your online order and update your cart before proceeding to check out.

What are the payment methods that can be used on the site?

Because we want to be flexible and cater as much customer as we can, and provide an excellent online shopping experience, we therefore accept different payment methods. The use of credit cards for convenience is accepted such as the Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, Visa and JCB. We also accept Paypal payments in case you don’t have any credit cards.

Is your website safe and secure to use?

Yes definitely! Our team uses high end security measures to ensure the safety of the information entrusted to us. Our website uses Norton Secured system as well as the high end Secure Sockets Layer or known as the SSL. These security systems are used and monitored accordingly in which encrypted information are used to ensure privacy and confidentiality including any credit card information and other payment methods online.