Posted on January 12, 2020

Why Your Favorite Perfume Does Not Smell The Same Anymore?

Sometimes you will wonder why some perfumes never smell the same. There are lots of perfumes in the market today that were quite successful upon its releases however after several years, it does not smell the same anymore. You may have even experienced buying your favorite perfume, used it for years and then all of a sudden when you purchased a new one, it seems to no longer smells the same? These questions are often asked by perfumistas. While there are many perfumes left untouched, there are many too that were reformulated.

The IFRA Regulations

Perfume reformulation are often done by perfume manufacturers for a lot of varying reasons. Even successful fragrances were reformulated, and you might even wonder why an already successful perfume is being messed up? Well, sometimes the manufacturer does not have a choice. The IFRA, or formally known as the International Fragrance Association is a governing body that was founded way back in 1973 in Geneva tasks to promote safe usage of fragrances globally. So when IFRA declares a certain ingredient is not safe, the perfume manufacturer does not have a choice but to reformulate its already existing and successful fragrance base on the IFRA standards. Fragrance companies have no choice, it has to abide with the IFRA regulations or otherwise, discontinue the production of its product. Fortunately, not all perfume reformulation ends up badly, there are some that smells even more aromatic!

Less Expense and Higher Profit Margin

Not all fragrance companies are having problems with IFRA, others are mainly reformulating to cut on their expenses and focus more on their cost savings. When a company starts trimming their expenses in order to gain and increase its margin profit, it will start looking for possible ways to replace expensive ingredients in its perfumes and use something of similar scent that may be less expensive. Reformulated perfumes are often filled with synthetic ingredients. To start generating larger income, why would a fragrance company use real lavender ingredient, when it can use a synthetic cheaper lavender ingredient? So if you happen to see a once expensive fragrance in the market and now comes with an affordable price, and its fragrance seems to be slightly different, it could be a reformulated one.

Make It Relevant

Perfume reformulation is not just about minimizing expenses, boosting profit margin or IFRA regulations. Sometimes, the reason behind a company’s fragrance reformulation is way deeper, and perhaps more strategic in terms of keeping the business relevant. Perfumes are sometimes reformulated to ensure it is relevant and modernized. There were lots of successful fragrances released in the 80’s, and to make it relevant after several years, the company has to reformulate and introduced it to the public again, but this time with an even modern and appealing composition. This is indeed a great business perspective, and what’s important is the fact that the reformulated fragrance still carries within it its branded aroma, its DNA that will keep it still aromatic. The fragrance companies are modernizing some perfumes to match the ongoing needs of the market, its a great marketing strategy and it easily fits the current generation. Let’s put it this way, if you happen to love painting, reformulation is almost comparable to repainting a beautiful yet old Mona Lisa painting.

Fragrance Ingredients Does Matter

From the outside world, you wouldn’t think that a perfume is hard to compose. However, when you dig deeper, you will realize that a perfume is quite difficult to compose, with different ingredients that should be blended accordingly in top, bottom and base compositions. Yes, ingredients can sometimes be one big reason why you have a different smell of perfume from the previous one you purchased few years ago. Undeniably, there are inevitable scarcity of resources. There are ingredients that are hard to source, some are not even easy to find. Therefore, the fragrance company does not have a choice but to opt for reformulation. There are also synthetic ingredients which are not found in nature that offers impeccable aroma. One good example is the use of synthetic calone which is widely used by modern perfumes in the market. However calone is not found in nature. Another example is the use of orchid ingredient specifically the use of salicylates. This ingredient is not found directly in nature but is rather synthetically made.

Its The Trend

Fragrance companies sometimes found themselves in a great pressure. Because the market evolves and it continuously changes, one will never know what’s in the next day. What’s hot today may or may not be impressive in the future. This is one good reason why fragrance reformulation happens. The trend in the market dictates what fragrance companies should be put out there. If the younger generations prefer a more lively aroma, a fragrance house will certainly feel the pressure to reformulate its once best selling fragrance for men and women. Reformulate it to appeal to the younger generation and this is why different fragrance flankers are produced. Indeed, its the trend that dictates what’s hot or not.

Fragrance Reformulation; Your Once Favorite Fragrance May No Longer Be The Same

Overall, perfume reformulation could really change your once favorite fragrance. It can even change your mind of whether to purchase it or not. Undeniably, there are big companies out there wanting to do reformulation for the purposes of saving, and increasing their profit margin. Perfume reformulations are considered by others as money machines, it does not matter how it smells now, but what matters most is how it generates income. The trend is unstable, it is unpredictable and so is the production of fragrances. As a fragrance lover and a perfume enthusiast you should know that perfumes may change, and let’s just hope its reformulation is way better than its original. There were so many reformulated fragrances already that are still doing well in the market. So in case you encountered a different smelling perfume you once used, it could be due to fragrance reformulation.

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