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Garnier Skin & Hair Products

garnierBuilt up in 1904 in the city of Blois in France by Alfred Amour Garnier, the brand still bears the name of its founder. Garnier offers a wide assortment of magnificence items through its surely understood and overall girl brands. Garnier is a piece of the L’Oreal company. The group oversees 27 buyer and expert item marks, including the Garnier scope of beautifiers and magnificence items. Starting 2014, Garnier is the second biggest brand in the group, offering healthy skin, hair care, hair shading and styling items crosswise over 120 nations. For over 100 years, Garnier has been making creative and available beautifying agents to cover numerous excellence needs.

In 1904, Alfred Garnier started promoting a hair tonic when the vast majority of the time still utilized soap to wash their hair. In 1936, his organization, Laboratories Garnier, presented a percentage of the first items went for shielding skin from sun harm. The organization went ahead to deliver the first lasting hair shading in 1960. In 1965, L’Oreal bought Laboratories Garnier and the product offering has proceeded with its central goal of delivering excellence items with characteristic fixings under the product offerings Fructis, Nutrisse, and Nutritionist.

Garnier presently has an assortment of product offerings, began in 1996, is the Garner line of hair care and styling items. Garnier’s hair shading line, Nutrisse, was discharged in 2002; it was initially called Natea when it appeared in 1998. Natea wasn’t as effective in the United States as in Europe, henceforth the name change. Garnier began offering Nutritionist, its healthy skin product offering, in 2005. In 2012, the organization dispatched its first lasting hair shading utilizing alkali free water and blossom oil, Olia.

As a genuine healthy skin master, Garnier likewise offers a huge choice of items, from face consideration to sun care. Among Garnier’s healthy skin items some of them have a gotten to be key, for example, Ambre Solaire – authentic brand concentrated on joy and sun assurance, Garnier body… or the notorious Garnier BB Cream.

In its steady journey of sensoriality and joy, Garnier draws its motivation from the best exploratory mastery, for occasion through removing high potential fixings from nature.


Like never before Garnier deals with you with its developments that make your day by day life less demanding!
Garnier’s items are created and broadly tried by a group of more than 3,000 analysts and researchers in 13 research and assessment revolves the world over. The organization’s exploration as often as possible increases reputation in investigative diaries.

All Garnier items experience four phases of testing under L’Oreal before experiencing extra wellbeing and adequacy testing by Garnier. Garnier conducts both clinical and purchaser fulfillment contemplates before discharging an item and behaviors consumer loyalty reviews a short time later. The organization values the supposition of its clients and constantly enhances and overhauls items taking into account purchaser criticism.

Garnier utilizes experimentally demonstrated, characteristic fixings to advance ideal hair wellbeing and let inward excellence radiate through. The Garnier Fructis hair care line and Garnier Fructis Style items, permit ladies of all hair sorts to get the ravishing locks they need.

Garnier items have gathered prestigious magnificence recompenses from top magazines like Allure, More Magazine, Cosmo Girl, Health Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. The brand is likewise a patron of Project Runway and models of this prominent reality show strut the catwalk with styles controlled by Garnier items.

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Garnier Sustainable System

In 2011, Garnier teamed with TerraCycle to advance upcycling of item holders and the presentation of biodegradable items. Garnier hair mind and healthy skin items is one of the most astounding extravagance brands utilized as a part of Asia, China, Japan and India.

Garnier need to offer back to the planet by being earth dependable, and motivating others to do likewise. From their dynamic characteristic fixings to their more eco-accommodating bundling, they ceaselessly enhance the matter of excellence in more manageable ways.

Who is TerraCycle? More than only a reusing organization.

On the off chance that you haven’t knew about this very recompensed reusing organization yet, we’re really sure you will. That is on account of their main goal doesn’t stop at reusing. They’re out to Eliminate the Idea of Waste.
Established in 2001, TerraCycle has gotten to be one of the quickest developing green organizations on the planet, represent considerable authority in making new items out of utilized items. You purchase it and reuse it. They’ll transform it into another item with another reason. The equation is straightforward, yet the advantage is really astonishing.

An extensive answer for waste

Working with TerraCycle, Garnier is the first to give an extensive answer for individual consideration and excellence bundling squander anyplace on the planet. No little accomplishment considering that individual consideration and excellence items represent 1/3 of all landfill waste. Together, they gather a large number of bits of waste all-inclusive for the reasons of decreasing the measure of waste sent to landfills.

Excellence Brigade-Working together to have any kind of effect

Garnier is supporting an overall Personal Care and Beauty Brigade® to gather and reuse bundling with TerraCycle. A wide range of individual consideration and excellence squander that would some way or another wind up in our garbage will be reused or reused. You can join a Personal Care and Beauty Brigade at this moment. It’s really simple.

Simply search for the TerraCycle logo on Garnier packaging. When it’s an ideal opportunity to toss it out, send it to Garnier. The best part? For each unit of waste, they gather from you, Garnier will contribute two pennies to your preferred philanthropy. You can Take Care, as well! Glance around, and take in more about how we can make a cleaner, greener, more excellent future together.

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