Posted on January 16, 2020

Glow By Jennifer Lopez Perfume Review

glow-jennifer-lopez-adIn 2002, the Glow By Jennifer Lopez was introduced to perfume aficionados. Jennifer Lopez is currently a big star in Hollywood as well as her perfume product, which is a big hit! This perfume oozes with impressive scents ranging from the citrus fragrance of orange flower, mixed with fruity scents like the grapefruit and vanilla and musk. There’s more aroma mixed in this perfume like the rose, soft amber, sandalwood, and the enticing Jasmine. So when looking for a magnetic scent, the Glow By Jennifer Lopez is a great choice which can be use at any occasion, whether formal or simply casual events.

As a whole, this perfume offers the different scents of flowers and fruits resulting to an alluring fragrance that is truly hard to ignore. Others find this perfume simple yet very pleasant that is also appealing to the youth. It is all because of it soapy scent, as if you’ve just gone from the bathroom and along with its soapy scent is the impressive aroma of flowers.

This perfume was released by no other than the Coty Inc. In fact, this fragrance was first made back in the year 1998 and it even became America’s top selling perfume. This perfume was intended by Jennifer Lopez to ooze with sexiness and sensuality as if you just came out of your amazing bathroom. The notes of vanilla, musk, Jasmine, orange, grapefruit, orris and irises. According to Jennifer Lopez, such perfume was made to reflect her personality.

Its packaging is wrapped in simplicity, it is packed in a white bottle that is clear, it comes with curvaceous lines same as Jennifer’s curvaceous physical appearance. To make it more attractive and pleasing to the eyes, the packaging has a “J.Lo” logo using rhinestones to accentuate the bottle, and above all it comes with an inspired chain to showcase the personal style of Jennifer Lopez. This product became the second highest to sell with Americans as its target market. So when purchasing the best perfume online, the Glow by Jennifer Lopez is available affordably and in 3.4oz size.

The Glow is intended only for women, no wonder it comes with such affordable rate yet its contents are quite remarkable and feminine. The retail box it comes is well designed and will also last depending on how the person uses it. So hurry and check this product online before it runs out!


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