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La vie est belle perfume by Lancome

La vie est belle perfume bottleHave you ever felt the need to use a fragrance that will keep you fresh and delightfully aromatic the entire day? Have you considered purchasing a fragrance that could give you the right savings as well as perfect quality? Have you ever wondered if there’s a fragrance that will fit your feminine personality? If all your answers to the questions are yes, then checking out the fragrance house of Lancome may lead you to the right path in purchasing the fragrance you have been longing for. The company of Lancome has released an aromatic feminine fragrance you won’t regret buying, and this is called the La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum spray for women.

The fragrance house of Lancome has been in the fragrance industry since 1935, and the company was founded by a French national and a visionary named Armand Petitjean. The company started as a fragrance house and later on ventured into other product lines like make up and skin care. With L’Oreal being its parent company, the luxurious house of Lancome definitely became more successful and have been producing world class products internationally.

Lancome’s History

The history of Lancome’s founder is quite interesting which helped in the development of the company now. The founder Armand Petitjean was described as a lover of fragrance who founded his company in his 50’s. This only means that when he built Lancome, he took advantage of all the connections he established from his previous ventures; and one of which was when he collaborated with Francois Coty who was a successful French businessman. Francois Coty started his perfumery adventures at the age of 29 and coined as the father of modern perfumery.

The working relationship of Francois Coty and Armand Petitjean was interesting. The founder of Lancome started as the export broker of Francois Coty’s company in 1930’s. Armand Petitjean was employed to export the fragrances of Coty around the globe, starting from America in 1931, to Brazil and other countries. He was tasked to bring and introduce as many fragrances as he can overseas, and this position greatly gave Armand Petitjean the advantages and connections he need to build his own fragrance empire.

The twist of events between the relationship of Armand Petitjean and Francois Coty became a challenge to Armand, and it is during this time that he decided to create a prestigious appeal in his own separate label. Lancome became known as a luxurious brand, thanks to the help rendered by the previous design director of Francois Coty, Georges Delhomme. Other reliable personalities who joined Armand’s team were Pierre Velon who was a world class chemist, and the d’Ornano brothers who were also founders of high end fragrance houses.

Armand Petitjean was focused in providing only the best for his new fragrance business, and so he searched for the most suited name for the company. He dreamed of a name that will showcase his nationality, a name that will truly sound like a true French name, something that will echo the historical French names of Vendome and Brantome. Armand’s brainstorming paid off, and was able to come up with the perfect name that will suit his prestigious fragrance company, and he then called it as Lancome.

In 1964, the gigantic label of L’Oreal acquired the fragrance house of Lancome. The collaboration between Lancome and L’Oreal became really beneficial. With L’Oreal’s impeccable marketing strategies, the house of Lancome survives the unending change of the market’s taste when it comes to fragrances. The Lancome spirit is strengthened and this is why even until today, the company manages to release new fragrances without compromising its prestigious and luxurious values. There are many fragrances released by Lancome, and one of which was introduced in 2012 as a feminine fragrance which exudes natural aromas that will tickle the senses of modern women. This fragrance is called the La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum spray for women.

Discover La Vie Est Belle Eau De ParfumZoom on the top of the bottle

The fragrance house of Lancome crafted an additional product to its fragrance line that will tease women’s senses, and it is called the La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum spray. The product name is a French expression which simply means “Life is Beautiful”. This perfume perfectly represents the values of Lancome, as well as represents the modernity of the era. A perfume that is considered to be universal but with a hint of personal touches. Women will certainly enjoy its aromatic blend which exudes femininity, encouraging women to purchase it. This is an exceptional masterpiece that comes with an aromatic story.


The Olfactive Notes of La Vie Est Belle

The key to achieve a desirable fragrance for women is to compose it with carefully selected notes which will ooze beautifully at timed interval. You get to experience different distinct smell in a single spray and with high quality composition such as the La Vie Est Belle. You will really be taken into an aromatic trip of your life. The opening note of this perfume comes light and easily recognizable. With the use of iris as its opening note, you will instantly experience an exquisite aroma like no other notes have, and this scent will take you to a journey. The note of iris comes from the iris flower itself which can only be taken on the flower’s stem or otherwise known as the rhizome part which can be gathered if you dig it underneath the ground. As you can imagine, the starting composition of this fragrance is already challenging. What’s even better is the aromatic note of iris being the backbone of this amazing fragrance. Its aromatic scent lingers from the minute you spray it till its last.

As soon as the opening note of iris evaporates, the middle note poured in this composition is the note of patchouli which slowly blooms. This scent is considered to be part of the mint family, however it lingers between the scent of wood and musk. Others claimed this to have a strong similarity from a green herb. Described as a sultry note that gives sophistication to a fragrance. This note has rich and darker appeal as compared to iris and lasts longer. It plays a big part in influencing the outcome of the base note. The middle note of La Vie Est Belle comes with depth and impeccable strength.

The closing notes come with sweet aromatic gourmand touch. Women will have a taste of the vanilla note which offers unlimited scent of sweetness. Additional note of praline is injected giving the perfume a hint of sugar intertwined with nuts, the note of tonka bean is also incorporated injecting a soft cinnamon like scent in its base. You can therefore expect that the dry-down period of La Vie Est Belle is very aromatic. The selection of gourmand notes is a great idea for it gives this perfume a lasting impression. With just few sprays of La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum, you will notice how strong and lasting the base notes linger on your skin. In most cases, it can last for many hours. Indeed, the composition of this perfume is impressive. It contains all the trademarks of Lancome in one bottle.

La vie est belle in shadow

The Creators of La Vie Est Belle

The house of Lancome has collaborated with different and world class talented perfumers since its conception. Highly in demand perfumers such as the likes of Jacques Cavallier, Francis Kurkdjian, Sophia Grojsman, Thierry Wasser, Calice Becker, Maurice Roucel and many more have crafted masterpieces for Lancome. For the fragrance of La Vie Est Belle, the son of the successful perfumer named Jacques Polge entered the scene and showcased to the world his expertise in blending notes to produce an aromatic appeal to its target audience, and he is no other than Olivier Polge.

He is responsible for the best selling fragrance like the Flowerbomb of the house of Viktor & Rolf. He is also the nose behind the success of Florabotanica of the house of Balenciaga. With his amazing skills he partnered with another advance perfumer named Dominique Ropion to deliver what is required for the scent of La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum. The fragrance wouldn’t be completed without the untiring help of another master perfumer acknowledged by the house of IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances), and she is Anne Flipo. Anne Flipo has joined the IFF since 2004, and she has authored a lot of successful fragrances and some of which became best selling such as the McQueen in 2005 where she collaborated with Domique Ropion, in 2004 she crafted the Le Parfum. She is also the nose behind the success of Brit Rhythm in 2013 for the house of Burberry in collaboration with the same people she worked with in creating the La Vie Est Belle namely Olivier Polge and Dominique Ropion. Ann Flipo has created a lot of masterpieces for different high end labels like Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo and many more. All three master perfumers joined forces to craft the La Vie Est Belle.

The Release of La Vie Est Belle

The creation of La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum became a talk of the town event, and marked another memorable day for the house of Lancome. This fragrance was released in 2012 which targets women who comes with modern personality. The composition of this perfume includes natural ingredients that also represents the modern tastes of women. An oriental fragrance that oozes with elegance and modernity in one bottle. Its composition is so aromatic it can be used in special occasions and even on ordinary days thanks to its radiant appeal. The quality of this perfume is highly regarded by a lot of women as something different, very pleasant to the nose and is not intrusive.

The La Vie Est Belle Bottle

Big bottle of 'La vie est belle'Undeniably, some women are hard to please. The packaging of the product does matter and when it comes to perfumes the bottle should be attractive too. The fragrance house of Lancome understands this need, and this is why the packaging of La Vie Est Belle is not something you should take lightly. This product comes with an attractive and elegant bottle that will grab ones attention. The fragrance house of Lancome is true to its brand and this is also noted on its fragrance bottles. The La Vie Est Belle is one of those products which features the heritage of Lancome. Its bottle was inspired by one of the masterpieces found from the archives of Lancome.

Because this perfume contains feminine aromas which is the main vision of Armand Petitjean, the founder of Lancome hence it presented the users with a bottle resembling the shape of a smile. The smile symbolizes the positive outlook of most women in life. It comes with a joyful feel on its bottle design. Overall, it captures the elegance needed to match its fragrance. It also has a ribbon tied on its neck part with its stopper in white transparent form in the shape of square. The perfume comes in different sizes such as the 1oz, 1.7oz, 2.5oz, 3.4oz, and 6.8oz.

The Composition of La Vie Est Belle

Believe it or not, this fragrance was carefully crafted and it took three long years to perfect the scent that the fragrance house of Lancome wants it to be. The trial versions of this perfume has reached as much as 5,000 versions. Imagine what the perfumers have gone through when crafting this masterpiece. The 5,000 versions created along the way was never enough until the right blend is perfected. From this alone you will already determine the efforts of the company to give its target audience a product that is worth it. This is how intricate the product is to ensure that its loyal customers and even the new ones received only the best from Lancome.

Lancome promotion for La vie est belle

The Campaign Period of La Vie Est Belle

The house of Lancome has hired one of the most beautiful faces on Earth to campaign and help in the promotion of its La Vie Est Belle fragrance, and she is no other than the actress Julia Roberts. She is well known for her very successful romantic comedy film known as the Pretty Woman which garnered a staggering $464 million globally. The beautiful face of Julia Roberts matches the label of Lancome. In addition, the campaign was so successful also because of the amazing shots and directing skills of Tarsem Singh. The campaign of La Vie Est Belle was quite stunning, presenting Julia Roberts looking very elegant and lovely with her signature smile. This was the first fragrance campaign made by Julia Roberts. There are also behind the scenes video provided exclusively, which will excite women to grab such fragrance. The actress glows as the company’s ambassador for La Vie Est Belle. The campaign was another project that the house of Lancome has given much attention.

The Effects of La Vie Est Belle

The fragrance is very popular and has different effects to its user. Some claimed this fragrance to be silky and oozes with a light distinct trail that women will love using. Others claimed it to be intensely poured with flowery aromas that offers warmth as well as delicateness. This fragrance may have different effects to women, however one common impression is its feminine appeal, it comes with a hint of romance and flowery injection. One will really fall in love using the La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum. The longevity is very impressive, lasting for a lot of hours while its sillage is very powerful. Leaving a trail of aroma is not impossible for La Vie Est Belle. This is one of the best fragrances a woman can own.

Is La Vie Est Belle All Worth It?

There are many high end labels found in the market for fragrances that could also lasts. The only big question you need to answer is “Is it worth it? The fragrance of La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum was created with careful planning. From the names of the perfumers involved, down to how this perfume was made, you already have an idea that this product was taken seriously not just to generate income for the business but most of all to impress, and offer only the best fragrance that will suit women’s delicate nostrils.

The La Vie Est Belle was composed with carefully selected ingredients, the longevity of its aroma is really impressive as well as the overall packaging. If you ask yourself if this product is worth buying and worth spending, the answer would truly be a big YES. The La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum spray for women is a highly recommended fragrance that will make a woman’s heart skip a beat and delight the senses. So what are you waiting for? Discover the scent of La Vie Est Belle, purchase one now, and experience firsthand the power of its composition.

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