Posted on January 16, 2020

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Review


Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the fashion icons in Hollywood. Owning the Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is a dream come true for most stylish and fashionable women out there. This perfume was released to the public in 2005. It comes with high end oil contents, oozing with the relaxing and calming scent of lavender, this is perfect for women who want to smell fresh and relaxing all the time. Aside from lavender oil, it also comes with orchid scent, amber, whites and musk and the fruity aroma of apple martini. This is highly suited for casual events and even when you transition from casual to formal event in the evening.

This Eau de Parfum is available in 3.4 oz size with a feminine touch that is not overwhelming to the nose. Because of its compact shape, it is perfect to bring along during travel as it can simply fit your purse. It comes with a spray nozzle, so using it does not have to be messy but rather enjoyable. Spilling it accidentally is not possible thanks to its nozzle. You can easily avoid over application thanks to its spray feature. Its fragrance is just impressive and it fits all ages.

This fragrance is actually the first one Sarah Jessica Parker ever released, with Coty Inc. as her partner. The packaging of this product is quite impressive too. It comes with a durable yet feminine and classy type of Eau de Parfum box. Your money is well spent if you purchase this product. It also does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate your sensitive skin. So if you’re looking for the most comfortable scent for everyday use, or even on special occasions then the Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is simple available online.

In addition, it also offers a touch of sensual scent, mixed with romance thanks to its mid-notes of Patchouli and White Narcissus. Of course, its base notes are very impressive because aside from white musk, it also features the scents of cedar and woods. So if you’re looking for an all around type of perfume, this one is highly suggested. It comes with a reasonable price, a lovely and durable packaging and an impressive scent that is truly hard to resist. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the top perfumes made and endorsed by a celebrity.

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