Posted on February 20, 2020

Perfume bottles in ancient times

 Perfumes have been a very important part of culture since ancient times. Not only were the perfumes valuable, but so were the containers that held them. The oldest known perfume bottles came from the Ancient Egyptians. They used containers made of stone and alabaster which kept the perfume cool, and did not leak the precious liquids. They also used clay pots made into sculptures of people and animals. They were very creative in their designs.

Many perfume containers have been found in tombs. Perfume was an important part of the Egyptians preparation of the dead. Containers have been found made of wood with different compartments for each perfume.

Glass bottles date back to the fifteenth century BC. The glass bottles were also non-porous, and were also lightweight. Eventually the glass bottles were created in brilliant colors.

Perfume bottles found in Palestine were made of glass, and had narrow long necks. They were primarily found in tombs. Large bottles of perfumes were often found in tombs, believed to cover the smell of the dead bodies.

The Ancient Greeks made beautiful containers for perfume. They hand painted vases which were often shaped as animals. They used lidded bowls for holding less expensive perfumes.

Glass bottles were again reformed upon the invention of blown glass. Bottles were designed in the shapes of animals, bunches of grapes, fruit, shells and fish.

The Roman’s used hollowed-out precious stones to carry their most valuable perfumes.

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