Privacy Policy

What important and useful information do we collect from our website users?

Every time our website users subscribed to our newsletter, or fill in some needed information online we collect the given details accordingly.

We also collect information when users order items online and registers on our site. Information such as your name, contact number, valid email address are collected.

To serve appropriate advertisements on our website, our third party vendor which is Google enables the use of DART cookies. This helps us serve advertisement appropriately to users based not only on the number of visits on our website, but also on other visited websites. Users however may have the authority to opt out of this process, please make sure to read the privacy policy before subscribing or registering on our site.

What do we do with the information we have collected from our users?

The information we have collected are used to address users appropriately by their names, and to answer questions accordingly and in a personalize manner. We also use the collected information for promotion purposes.

Are the collected information shared?

No, we do not share collected information from our users. We make sure that our users are protected and we implement proper security measures to safeguard the information we have gathered online.

Do we allow the use of Cookies in our site?

Yes, we do have cookies in our site, and it is used for the purpose of enabling us to identify each user. Cookies help us capture information and retain it. These are small yet very useful files being transferred from one website to your computer through the use of a web browser which helps identify the user accordingly.

We value our users privacy and we will never exchange any information and even trade or transfer it to anyone. We will make sure to safeguard collected information online within only and other trusted third party businesses. However, if the law requires it, we are bound to abide by its request when it comes to releasing sensitive information needed to resolve any conflict or situation. We will abide by what is proper and what the law requires from us and that includes releasing information for the safety of the people involve.

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

As part of our compliance with COPPA or formally known as the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act, we make sure not to collect information from children aged 13 years old and below. Our website is intended to market and sell products to children and adults aged 13 years old and above.