Posted on February 19, 2020

Types of perfumes


The most concentrated form of fragrance oil (and the most expensive), perfume is the strongest and longest-lasting of fragrance forms and may contain several hundred ingredients. It contains 20 to 50 percent perfume compound.

Eau de parfum
An alcoholic perfume solution containing 10 to 15 percent of perfume compound.

Eau de toilette (cologne)
Cologne is a light form of a specific fragrance with a 3 to 8 percent concentration of perfume compound in an alcohol water base. Cologne is less concentrated that Eau de Parfum. It is created with a lighter concentration of fragrance oil, and is ideal for a more subtle impression.

Moisturizing perfume mist
A moisturizing perfume mist is a fragrance that does not contain alcohol. It is a spray that contains oil and leaves skin with a silky smooth veil of perfumed moisturizers. It is ideal to wear in the warm weather because it is less drying to the skin.

Natural spray
A non-aerosol spray generated by pump action to produce a delicate misting of fragrance.

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