Posted on January 16, 2020

Vera Wang Princess Perfume Review

Vera-Wang-Princess-Perfume-BoxVera Wang is a world renowned brand that is not just focused on ready to wear clothes but as well as fragrances. This perfume was launched in the year 2006 and was created using different inspiration that blossomed into an amazing fragrance for women. To kick start your sense of smell, this perfume comes with impressive notes of lady apple, golden apricot skin, a touch of mandarin meringue and the ever hypnotic scent of waterlilly. This is why women who want to grab attention wears this perfume even on ordinary days. The house of Vera Wang definitely knows how to capture ones attention, and good thing the Vera Wang Princess was created to make every woman feel like a real princess.

What’s Great About the Vera Wang Princess?

Vera-Wang-Princess-top-zoomThis perfume comes in 3.4 ounce size. This size is the tester type which is available for only $30.19 directly from If you need something smaller, a Princess perfume you can place inside your cute little pouch, there’s an available 1.7 ounce for as low as $26.29 only. It comes in varying sizes too and the biggest size is just perfect for those who are looking for convenience, commendable pricing and utmost safety. You are given choices and your needs are considered. So if you need to own one in a bigger size, fret not for Vera Wang Princess is there to satisfy your perfume needs.

To make this scent even glamorous, it comes with varying mid notes such as the Tahitian flower, a hint of pink and ripe guava, some wild tuberose, and a mix of dark chocolate, amber, captivating royal musk, a touch of chiffon vanilla and lastly is the pink frosting and forbidden woods. Imagine these mid notes; it can definitely get quite appealing. Wearing this will certainly make you stand out. Here are some of the best reasons why such perfume is a must for women.

  • Affordable
  • High Quality Perfume
  • Lovely Packaging
  • Impressive Fragrance

An Irresistible Fragrance Bottle

Vera-Wang-Princess-low-costIts bottle was designed to make it truly irresistible. It comes in lavender shade with the Vera Wang Princess label right in front of the bottle with its golden crown designed top adorned with lovely lavender crystals. This perfume definitely looks appealing and gorgeous, your special someone will really fall in love with its appearance. The price is just right and definitely worth buying. In terms of affordability and quality, this perfume is one of the best choices online. You can grab this for a low price, you can use this without smelling odd at the end of the day, and you can continue to smell fresh all day round. You don’t have to worry of the products originality, you are guaranteed all Vera Wang Princess stock is available and above all, authentic.



If you are looking for only the best perfume for women, Vera Wang Princess is highly recommended. It was created carefully, it delivers a sexy effect on women and above all, it’s worth every penny. So hurry now and enjoy our Vera Wang perfume before it runs out.

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